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Virtual Reality Real Estate

Virtual reality goggles have become a trending topic since about 2010 when an American teenager invented a prototype headset that eventually grew to become the Oculus Rift. Since that first headset, designers have been creating everything from games to videos with the purpose of being viewed in 360°. What does this mean for real estate?…Read More→


How to Sell Your Home in Winter

Although it may be tempting to wait for the warmer months, you can successfully sell your home in winter.  Winter provides some unique opportunities to showcase your home and attract the hibernating market.   Lower levels of competition As winter often isn’t the most popular season to sell a home, it will be more of a…Read More→


Found your real estate dream? Make an offer!

Often, upon finding their dream home or real estate investment opportunity, people hesitate to make an offer. They would presume the seller would not sell the property for their offer price. Sometimes, people don’t make an offer because the pre-approval of finances weren’t finalised. However, in most cases, the buyers don’t communicate their interest to…Read More→


Is Woodlands Real Estate the Ultimate Best of Both Worlds?

Woodlands is commonly known as being a family suburb, which is understandable due to the great parks and schools available, including Hale and Chuchlands Senior High School.  It’s also known for its older demographic population, and the nearby Westfield Innaloo is undergoing a $450 million redevelopment. However, with close proximity to Perth City, Scarborough beach…Read More→


Ten Tips to Sell Your Home

It’s a tough market out there for those looking to sell their homes. Home prices are down and sinking, and for sale signs seem to stick around longer and longer. But don’t fret – we’ve got you covered. Here are some tried-and-true methods to get your house off the market, while still keeping the price as…Read More→


A checklist for the first homebuyer

Buying your first home is always special. However, buying a home is not an easy task, especially for a first-time buyer. Yet, with a bit of research and planning, you can make the purchase of your first home a memorable and tension-free affair. The key to hassle-free home buying is preparation.

Most of the homebuyers would give attention to basic features like location, price, council rates etc.  However, it is likely that they’ll miss certain other important factors.

If you are looking to buy your first home, here is a checklist to help you.  This checklist highlights those points that are easily overlooked.