Selling a deceased estate – making it as easy as possible.

Selling a deceased estate can be stressful.

In late 2016, Chris and his family found themselves in one of the most difficult and emotional situations in real estate… selling the home of a loved one whom has passed away (deceased estate).  Having a real estate agent who understands both the administrative requirements and unique challenges facing these sellers can mean the difference between a drawn out, often traumatic process and a quick, successful sale.  Below is a testimonial from Chris, demonstrating just that.

Why were you selling?

We were selling due to my mother dying and her request was that house be sold.

 What were you fears about selling?

We had no idea about how to go about the sale of the house.
We couldn’t decide whether to auction, have an end-of-date sale, advertise through an agent or sell it ourselves.
We also weren’t sure how quickly we could sell it as the housing market was dropping.

What were your main objectives?

To sell the house per our mother’s wishes for the best possible price and finalise the estate.

What strengths or benefits did Garth provide?

From the moment we met Garth, my brother and I were 90% sure that he was the agent to sell our house.  He had a vast knowledge of the industry in general and our area in particular because he had done a lot of research into my mother’s property so that he could give us the best advice on the first day we met him (this was before we had committed to the his services).
We had a long process in the meantime to wait for probate (which took a couple of months).  During this time Garth kept in contact with us giving free advice on how we could present the property for sale and keeping us apprised of the current housing market (he still had not been appoint as our agent at this stage).
We had approaches from three agents in the beginning, but Garth was the only one that kept in touch with us before we chose our agent after probate was settled.
We then engaged Garth as our agent to sell the house.
The sale process was long and involved process due to the type of property we were selling and that the house was being managed by Public Trustees.  Garth’s enthusiasm never wavered and he continued to come up with new strategies to sell our house.  He continually kept us informed of the progress of the prospective buyers or people going through our house and showing some interest.

Would you recommend Garth’s services to others?

I cannot recommend Garth highly enough.  He has always gone above and beyond to provide us with the best possible service and I cannot think of any reason not to have him as an agent.

Kindest Regards,

If you have found yourself in the difficult position of selling a deceased estate, please contact Garth.  His experience in this area will help make your sale as swift and stress-free as possible.