The Benefits of Autumn when Selling Real Estate

Spring has traditionally been quite a popular time to sell real estate, and it is often theorised that it is the best time to sell a house due to the warmer weather making buyers more active.  However, this means the competition is intense! Here are the top three reasons why autumn is a hidden gem when it comes to selling your home.

Autumn gardens can look gorgeous

Autumn gardens can make a home look breathtaking!

Any effort to find flowers that bloom in autumn will give you an instant advantage over other sellers. Gardens are becoming more of a rarity now that people are shifting to more of a city life, therefore often make great selling points! They are even considered the top selling point for 30 percent of buyers.

Many buyers make it a New Year Resolution to buy real estate

Potential buyers have just recovered from the Christmas season and aiming to buy a house are refocusing on their hunt for the perfect house. By selling in the first half of the year, you attract a whole other client base whilst having less competition in the housing market!

Incredible Australian weather

Autumn in Australia means that people are finally ready to leave their air-conditioned cocoons and vacate the busy beaches for long enough to visit open homes. It is warm enough to provide your house with great sunlight and cool enough to let the room get some fresh air; best of both worlds!

If you would like any advice on selling your home this autumn, feel free to contact Garth at anytime