How to Sell Your Home in Winter

Although it may be tempting to wait for the warmer months, you can successfully sell your home in winter.  Winter provides some unique opportunities to showcase your home and attract the hibernating market.

Creating a warm ambiance will help to sell your home in winter.


Lower levels of competition

As winter often isn’t the most popular season to sell a home, it will be more of a contender on the market and will not get lost in an overwhelming number of choices. People who are seriously looking to buy a house will not end their search just because of the season.

Higher proportion of legitimate buyers

Most people will not be as active during winter months, which means that people attending houses are serious buyers. This will give you more of an opportunity to determine whether your house is priced correctly and how well you are presenting it to the market based on how many offers you are attracting.

How to sell your home in winter

The most crucial aspect to selling a home in winter is to make it as light as possible.  Utilise both natural and artificial lighting.  This ensures that potential buyers can properly inspect the house even when the weather is dreary.

It is also important to create a warm and comforting ambiance using heaters in addition to warm coloured decorations and furnishings.

Lastly, it is best to plan your open house for a time that best suites the individual home. Your agent can determine whether that time is during the daytime hours to showcase the natural light or the darker hours to emphasise the interior and indoor lighting.

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