Shark Nets Allowing the Sorrento Beach Lifestyle to Become a Reality

Swimmers at Sorrento beach can now feel completely safe from sharks. In response to five shark attacks in Western Australia alone during 2016, the Barnett Government has spent $33 million on researching how to minimise attacks through methods such as tagging and the use of drones. The most recent method was to implement a shark net in mid-December  on the same weekend that nearby beaches, Trigg and Scarborough, were shut due to the sighting of three meter hammerhead and tiger sharks close to shore.

The net cost $910,000 and extends for 660 metres using a nylon net that floats along the top whilst anchoring to the seabed, providing coverage at a depth of around 7.5 metres. It is held in place using around 60 anchors and 100 tonnes of weights; however, it will be examined once a week for the next three years to ensure there is no damage.

“City of Joondalup workers drag shark-proof netting into the water at Sorrento beach. Picture: Ian Munro” (

The implementation of these shark nets has resulted in Sorrento becoming more of an attraction to regular beach users over previously popular beaches such as Cottesloe and Scarborough. Joondalup Mayor, Troy Pickard, stated that combining the already successful Hillarys Boat Harbour with the enclosed beach would “further enhance the excellent facilities at these iconic locations.”

It is unclear whether these shark nets will directly influence the real estate prices in Sorrento; however, it certainly makes the Sorrento area ideal to any buyers searching for the perfect beach lifestyle.