Sorrento Real Estate Agents – The Top Insider Questions You Need To Be Asking When Looking to Sell Your Home

Your Guide For Utilising The Services of A Sorrento Real Estate Agent


Selling your home can be one of the most important, and possibly most stressful, things you can do in life.  Having the right agent can make a world of difference, just as the wrong agent can make the whole process a disaster.  You need someone you can trust, who’s dedicated to achieving the best outcome and has the knowledge of the area to get the job done.

It’s important to have a great relationship, open communication and trust.  So as you can see, it’s not all about who has the cheapest commission structure.  As they say, you get what you pay for and basing your selection of agent on cost alone might be a terrible mistake.


It’s Important to Have An Agent That’s Familiar With The History Of Sorrento.

One of the most important changes in the area of late has been the rezoning that occurred as part of the City of Joondalup Local Housing Strategy.  Effective as of early 2016, the old 1950’s section of Sorrento (bordered by Marine Tce, Arkwell Way and Freeman Way) has be rezoned as R20/25 lots.  This has added significiant value to the blocks within this area and allowed people to subdivide, often retaining a home on the front while selling the back.

Others without the motivation to go through the subdivision process have sold their block at a fantastic price and taken other opportunities, such as downsizing in style.  Although one client of mine that was apparently doing just this ended up purchasing a stunning three level villa in South Perth that was more than double the size of the house she sold!

A great agent will not only help you sell your home, but will also be able to guide you through the subdivision process if you choose to take this pathway.  But be very careful of an agent that doesn’t know his facts or your project might turn into a nightmare.  Unfortunately, many people often underestimate the costs, time and paperwork it takes to subdivide a block leaving them wishing they’d just taken the money and run.  However, with the correct guidance and information, the process can actually be relatively stress free and incredibly financially rewarding.


You Need Experience On Your Side

For example, I recently had a client hoping to purchase a block that had been rezoned with the idea of retaining the front house.  In order to do this, the back remaining area was only approximately 270sqm.  Unfortunately he took the wrong advice from other agents without a detailed understanding of property development laws, who told him the minimum block size was 300sqm.

I knew that he’d actually receive concessions due to the back laneway and access leg (a path that remains the entire length of both blocks) that would technically increase the area to 324sqm!  But it was too late.  He’d been spooked, refused to spend the few hundred dollars for a survey and walked away.  Since then, my next client snapped up the opportunity and is weeks away from approval, and a small fortune in profits.


Your Agent Must Also Be Aware of What Is Planned For Sorrento In The Near Future.

For instance, private developers have proposed a six storey apartment/commercial complex to be built on top of where Voyage and the BP service station stand today (West Coast Dve).  If approved, this development could potentially devalue some properties located behind it that would therefore lose views and the current peaceful surrounds.

However it would also provide locals with more shops, restaurants and meeting places.  The availability of apartments in the area also allows new investor opportunity, as well as the chance for locals to downsize without having to leave the suburb.  Personally, I see it as a great opportunity for Sorrento to become an even more attractive suburb for many, similar to the beach fronts of Cottesloe or Scarborough.  However I also share the concerns of locals regarding parking availability, traffic management and the loss of coastal views and relaxed lifestyle that makes Sorrento such a great family suburb now.

Sorrento Is A Lifestyle – Present Your Home To Attract The Right Buyer

No matter what you decide, and whether you’re selling pre or post subdivision, an agent needs to know exactly how to present your home or block in the best possible light to attractive the right buyer and the highest price.  Being a well presented, coastal suburb, buyers often react to first impressions.  In other words, gardens must be immaculate, verges clear and driveways in good condition.  Internally, it’s important to make a home feel spacious and clutter free.  A fresh coat of bright paint works wonders, as does a colour scheme that connects the home to the coastal surroundings.  In regards to marketing, a quick sale is important so your listing doesn’t sit on the market so long buyers start to wonder what’s wrong with it.  Investing in a robust campaign from day one will ensure the greatest visibility, appeal and sale price.

For example, I once had a client that refused to spend much at all on marketing and would only pay for a small online add.  His property sat on the market for over two months and eventually sold for $20,000 less than the asking price.  On the other hand, I had a client who invested in a premium marketing package and achieved $50,000 over their asking price within 20 days.


Your Real Estate Agent Needs To Genuinely Care About Your Result

After reading this, you may feel a little overwhelmed.  As I said in the beginning, it’s all about finding the right agent to help you through the process.  This is where I can help.  While many agents might look at you and your home thinking “how much commission is this worth to me”.  I, on the other hand, genuinely love to hear the stories of the homes I’m selling.  Who lived there? How has your home changed over the years?  Why did you love living there and why are you selling?  Each seller has goals and dreams.

I love to hear all about those too, and relish the opportunity to watch my sellers achieve them.  Selling a home isn’t always easy, or even done by choice these days.  With the boom well and truly over, some families growing and others sadly breaking apart, a great agent knows he or she must be considerate of the emotional strain selling a home can take.

It’s not always just about seller and agent making lots of money.  There’s so much more to it than that.  In fact, I’m quite sure the elderly lady whom I bought my current home from sold it to me at a greatly reduced price because she met my gorgeous two year old daughter.  Sometimes knowing your home will be passed on to someone who will love it as much as you did, and raise another little family in it is priceless.

All that aside, if a bucket load of money is what you need to move onto your next big dream then rest assured, I’ll get it for you.  With one of the best sales track records and shortest days on market, I regularly achieve a higher price than my sellers expected possible.  I grew up in the area, I know the people and I know exactly how to market your home to achieve the best result.  My experience shows I can guide you to make decisions with confidence, and make the sale process as enjoyable and beneficial as possible.


Garth Ormesher – Local Sorrento Experience

Garth Ormesher is a licensed real estate sales representative who is dedicated to ensuring the most positive experience possible when it comes to selling your home.  Having grown up in the Sorrento region, Garth is a local family man who is fully in tune with the needs of the every day person looking to maximise their lifes biggest asset.  You can give Garth a call on 0400 088 989 to see how he can assist you obtain the best possible selling outcome.