An often overlooked key to a successful real estate sale

Garth and Jayson

One of the most important parts of a successful real estate sale, often overlooked by many agents, is forming a positive relationship with potential buyers.

Not only does a real estate agent need to understand his seller’s needs and goals, but by also understanding a buyer’s motivation he can ensure the best possible outcome for both parties.

Below is a testimonial from one of Garth’s buyers demonstrating exactly how forming a relationship and understanding your buyer can lead to a highly successful sale…

“I was originally buying the property firstly as an investment as I always treat every purchase I make like this. However my main objective was to move closer to the beach.

There always was a hesitation with buying another property. The higher repayments were quite daunting. However when I ran all the figures the repayments seemed to work out. Another factor that increases my awareness was if I was buying the right property, but I maintain the belief that buying the worst house in the best street proved to be a sound investment option.

My main objectives were to get a large house, close to the beach, with enough value adding work to warrant the investment. I feel as if I had achieved this and possibly exceeded my expectations.

Throughout the buying process of the Marmion house, the real estate agent Garth had come across as exceptionally professional. He allowed me to see the potential by stating what the house had to offer and the possibilities others wouldn’t have seen. Garth’s local knowledge and history of the area allowed me to get a great insight into the coastal lifestyle that encompassed the area. Any questions or queries were answered promptly whenever I needed to talk to Garth, either over email or phone.

Usually I am quite hesitant dealing with real estate agents, but Garth had always made me feel comfortable dealing with him over the whole buying experience. As a result I wouldn’t hesitate to use him when the time came to sell or refer him onto friends and family.


Jayson S


Currently Garth has many other buyers still looking for properties in the Marmion and Sorrento area.  Please contact him today on 0400 088 989 if you’re looking to sell your home or investment.