Ten Tips to Sell Your Home

It’s a tough market out there for those looking to sell their homes. Home prices are down and sinking, and for sale signs seem to stick around longer and longer. But don’t fret – we’ve got you covered. Here are some tried-and-true methods to get your house off the market, while still keeping the price as high as possible!

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1. Pick the right agent

Beyond considering an agent’s commission rate, you’ll want to be sure you hire an agent with experience, who knows your neighbourhood well, and has a track record of selling houses in every market.

2. Make the house a blank slate

Be sure to remove family photos, repaint bold walls, and tone down any bold decorating choices. You want your buyers to be able to envision their life inside the house, not yours!

3. Make the most of open for inspection

Coordinate with your agent to make your home perfect during open for inspections – put out flowers, make sure everything is tidy, and advertise well in advance.

4. Cost-effective improvements

While you don’t want to do any significant upgrading because the ROI will be less than 100%, it is imperative that your home pass inspections. So make sure things like electricity, plumbing and gas are all up to snuff, and repair little issues like leaky faucets and sticky windows. Small changes such as these can keep potential buyers from walking away.

5. Hidden features

What does your home offer that no other home does? Find something special about your house and market it! Is your back garden stunning? Do you get a great sunset view? These personal touches will make your home stand out from the pack.

6. Curb appeal

Keep the lawn mowed, windows washed, mailbox uncluttered, etc. There are no second chances on a first impression!

7. Choose how you want to sell wisely

Auctioning your home can guarantee it sells in a timely manner, but you may not always get the price you’d like.

8. Set your price with care

Overpriced homes can sit on the market forever. Consult with your agent to set a comparable price with homes in your neighbourhood of a similar age and style.

9. Advertise!

If no one knows you’re selling, you’ll never find a buyer! Make sure to get the word out in a variety of ways: on the internet, in real estate ads, etc. You’ll want impeccable photos and engaging copy to make the most out of advertising!

10. Stay positive!

It’s stressful and often frustrating selling a home, so remember to take a step back and keep a good attitude. Best of luck in selling!