Virtual Reality Real Estate

Virtual reality goggles

Virtual reality goggles have become a trending topic since about 2010 when an American teenager invented a prototype headset that eventually grew to become the Oculus Rift. Since that first headset, designers have been creating everything from games to videos with the purpose of being viewed in 360°.

What does this mean for real estate?

Virtual reality in real estate has endless possibilities, particularly when looking to sell to a larger audience.  The stress of open houses can be minimised as people are able to view virtual houses whenever they please.  This is incredibly important when trying to attract the busy working market.

It also allows real estate agent to sell houses to overseas clients as customers can use the headsets to make a decision rather than actually need to walk around the house. This can dramatically ease the burden of moving or investing overseas as there is no need to physically view the property.

As virtual reality is still a relatively new and unexplored area in the field of real estate, there is so much potential for future growth. Imagine the possibility of being able to see how your furniture would look in a house you’re considering buying or whether it would be better if you changed the carpet. It may even eventually make open houses obsolete, which means no last minute rush trying to make your house as presentable as possible!

As for now, using virtual reality in real estate dramatically increases the target market to include overseas clients or those with busy lifestyles, meaning your house is much easier and quicker to sell.

We currently own the Kaiser Bass VR goggles and would be happy to demonstrate their effectiveness. If potential buyers can’t attend your home open, we’ll go to them!

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